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Thread: Just losing, No wins

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    Just losing, No wins

    Idk what's happened since the update, but none of my usual strats are working. Everything I try, I lose hard. Even against weaker teams, even against worse strats and formation. I lose by 3 goals or more. Never in my whole career in TE have I had that much of an awful start. I can have the same amount of shots on target, but none go in.

    NORDEUS has bugged their shit again and teams that shouldn't compete with me are walking all over the game. Is anyone having this issue? It's awful. Not even talking about the rest bug that isn't allowing me to rest my players against ads and has depleted my rest reserve down to 20 or so packs. Well done Nordeus, still not wasting money on your game though, nice try.

    In the end, a league that is totally within my reach will have to be tanked because I'm just losing for 0 reason. Inexplicable, just another update screwing me over.

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    Yeah, I feel you. I had 2 very odd results this season as well. (1:0 losses vs worse teams, where I had around 70% posession and like 30:10 shots) I only had 2 the whole last season...
    It seems like the game became very strange in some aspects, don't like it though.

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    I understand you bro. My start is very bad. I lose in champion league 0-4 (my team 91,against 55) and I watch the game and thats hapend i league too