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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC View Post
    Hey everyone,

    We're still investigating these disconnect issues. wobbly already has without any luck unfortunately, but for others experiencing this issue, please try re-installing and letting us know if that solves late-match connection issues. We'll update when we learn more.

    Thanks for your patience.
    An hour ago, during my final match at cup , I was playing vs an opponent in higher league. The other manager wasnt online. 3-3 during 120 minutes.

    In my 2nd penality kick I got disconnected - STRANGE - ! Kickly I logged out and logged in ( less than 10 seconds) to find out that I lost My 7th player missed
    also the third and fourth ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reece p FC View Post
    this makes me wonder, what difference in quality would people be ok to accept defeat to? if you are 100 what is the lowest level of quality you would lose to without thinking the game is out to get you?
    Pretty much any defeat where I have favourite tag I find unpalatable. Ie. Where opponent is 20%+ weaker

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