Hey guys, wondering if any of u can give me advice on wat u think will win me matches, n also score more goals, im level 4, dreamer, hav a 30 ****, all my players r **** quality, i hav them wiv full condition and always superb moral, i play team ment-normal, focus passing-mixed, pressing style-own halve, tackling style-hard, passing style-mixed, marking stlye-zonal, i dont use either force counter attacks or man mark, i play a straigh 4-4-2 and hav the wingers using red forward arrows, nuthin else, i seem 2 really struggle to score, and concede most games, so im always having 2 score more than 1 most games, alot of my opps in both league and champs r alot weaker than my side, but always seem 2 score, i hav plenty of shots on goal and target, its gettin very annoyin tbh, 2morrow i play a team than has 9 **, 1***(def), 1****Striker), they play also a 4-4-2, im home on paper shud b a win, but i know from past games its gunna b a struggle, so any advice wud b more than welcome, thanx.