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Thread: Ludicrous....what is the point...

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    Ludicrous....what is the point...

    I accept that this game is set up with random factors so the best team doesn't always win but....

    I've just lost 2-1 to a team with a lower player ranking who has set his team as a 5-5-0 formation (no strikers) who has a player injured and not replaced after 4 minutes. I have 80% possession, nearly double the number of shots, 9 corners to 2 and yet he goes 2-0 up and I manage a late goal back.

    This is beyond any reason. It really makes me wonder if it's worth bothering with the game any more.

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    happened to me on the cup and I got eliminated, nothing you can do about it.. if it bothers you that much you should just stop playing because it will happen again. I just got used to it I guess, don't really care anymore.