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Thread: Could any one explane me the yellow card issue ..

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    Angry Could any one explane me the yellow card issue ..

    Why is it that you player gets a yellow and its stuck with him no matter weather he plays or sits a match out.. ( please make it a bit more friendly its not like we are playing our self or there is a option in the player profile to make him more aggressive and for that your slammed a yellow .. ( can you change the yellow card rule and make more like a users player gets a yellow and if he decides to make the player play no in the next match and if its another he's out... And if a player sits his player out for the next match because of a yellow he is redeemed of the yellow... .. Please answer ...
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    FIFA rules of law.
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    the yellow follow him till the end of the season unless he get another yellow,also L card # with CL or C

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    nothing u can do with the yellow card, it will sticked up until u get another yellow in another match and the player will be banned for 1 match.. thats a football rule..
    and cards in league, champion, or cup are not stack,
    so u can have a player with a yellow card away in league, a yellow card away in champion, and a yellow card away in cup..