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Thread: What would you do if...

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    Scouts and players from the TL have there pros and cons, im with most though, it depends on your tl. My Tl is pretty crap, 3* 29 rated and 4 star 30 rated is the norm on mine. The rare occassion i see a 5 star player i dont even contemplate going in for him as its an all out war and most go 20/30 rounds! Ive bought 2 scouts, both have been extremely good and i reckon ill get 4/5 seasons out of them and they have a special ability!. The striker i bought last season was top scorer in the league (52 goals in 26 games and he didnt play every game), top passer and top rated. Imo the best 50 tokens ive spent in this game. Ive read on here about guys buying scouts that have been crap though, id be raging if i spent 50 tokens on a lemon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGunners View Post
    What would you do if you had 50 tokens? Buy a scout or spend them on auction and buy 2-3 decent players.. or maybe noone! That's what I'm afraid of, nobody guarantees that you'll get a player from auction.. and if they are not very young they'll be pretty useless in 1-2 seasons. So, what do you suggest me?
    I suppose it depends on the quality of players you can get from auctions and for how cheap. Scouts are definitely worth it. Auctions at higher levels especially can be very risky.

    I lost a lot of tokens last season in failed auction attempts, when I probably could of just bought a scout!
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    upgrade your facilities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macquarie Uni View Post
    upgrade your facilities
    And how will that help me in any way?

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