Hi yall, im level 4, hav a 30.4 **** quality team, all my players are very good 4 ****(nuthing higher than 33), i play a 4-4-2, side players red arrows, im playing a team at home 2morrow wiv a 24.9 ** quality, they won at home today 7-0, before that they had won 3, drew 1, lost 2, scored 12, conceded 7, they paly a 4-2(mc)-3(aml,amr,amc)-1, there striker is 4**** 37, so wat advice to beating this formation and stoppin them creating chances for the striker, i dont normally fret about it, but there basically playin a 4-2-4, and as ive sed in previous posts im strugglin 2 score, advice please guys wud b much appreciated.