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Thread: What would you do

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    What would you do

    Hey guys, got a cl game tonite, his average quality is 27.6, 3***, mine is 30.4, 4****, i play a straight 4-4-2, side players using red arrows, his formation is, 4-2(dmc)-1(mc)-2(aml,amr)-1, he has 5 players 4*, i have 11 players 4*, i play attacking, mixed passing, own halve pressing, hard tackling, mixed passing style, zonal marking, i dont use counter attacks or offside trap, in the fixture at his ground i got turned ova 3-0, the stats for that game were pretty even, 51%-49% possession, but he had 85%-77% passes completed, dont fancy another beating on my turf, any suggestions guys, cheers.

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    Next time use formations and tactics forum, you have better chances to get an answer there.
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