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Thread: Great performance but poor rating?

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    Great performance but poor rating?

    I just had a match where my goalie saved 5 shots and let only 2 in, and I won the match. In the summary, it says that he 'was superb in goal for us' as well as he 'had a disappointing rating of 5.8' (second lowest on my team had 6.9, including my defenders that allowed the weaker team get 24 shots...). How can this be possible? Anyone else had similar experience?

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    Yes. The ratings make no sense these days. Neither does morale.
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    One conceded goal is about -1 in the rate of the GK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    One conceded goal is about -1 in the rate of the GK.
    Yes... But what do they get when they make a save? +0.1?