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Thread: Morale

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    Quote Originally Posted by PleaseHearMeNordeus View Post
    Can anyone tell me how morale works ? I’ve been unbeaten all season , keep their condition above 70-80 every match , yet their morale keeps dropping every match ? I’m sorry but for a game screaming for football realism , a team top of the league and unbeaten does not have poor morale...
    Is how Nordeus make money and keep their pocket lining up.

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    I hope my last two not so good results in game have nothing to do with my comments for nordeus... LuL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddas View Post
    It's just a big con on all the members. Nords just have decided nobody is buying health packs or morales so they found a way in dropping everyone's morale packs hoping everyone will start investing in them.
    it's win win for Nords and lose all the time for us. there is nothing we can do to keep it healthy or our morales in check. they will just drop and drop and mine are going down at a fast rate soon it will be a losing battle till we all come to a point where we have to use some tokens to get more or sit and play with low morale.
    if some managers invest in greens while the other managers farming or buying blue packs, it's a win-loose for them
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