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Thread: You failed against a very small team? post here.

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    You failed against a very small team? post here.

    Hi guys.

    To show Nordeus how much this have to be fixed asap, post here if you have a good team and you drawn/lose or get a very low score against very small teams. If you can, post screenshots.
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    Why? There's a vent thread if you need it

    Just as a side point: in England this year Bradford City, who play in the fourth tier, got to a cup final. They beat Arsenal on the way, who pay Theo Walcott more in a month than Bradford have spent on their entire team

    Barcelona, when they do occasionally get beaten, always have more possession and usually more shots. They're the best team in the world by a long way when they are on it 100%. Still, they are not unbeatable

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