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Thread: Help - Young Players Progression/Training

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    Help - Young Players Progression/Training

    As we all know:

    E.g 1st season - a 18 yr old trains faster up till he hits 5 Stars and begins to train slower, when i move to lvl 2, same player turns 19 but 4 star now.

    Question: Will train as fast as he did when he was at lvl 1 because he is 4 star now at lvl 2?

    Appreciate your input.

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    My four star players, who were five star last season, are training faster than anyone else in my team. I don't know if it's as fast as last season, but it is faster than the new young 5/6* players I've got this year

    That being said, I replaced almost all of my four star players with 5* who were close to 6* - no matter how quickly they train, it will take a long time to get them up to that standard

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