The setback with the current Negotiations is only those close to the next level w/ special ability are chosen.
Eg Quality 48 or 49; 58 or 59; 68 or 69 etc

However not all are aware that the friends can go direct and offer.

For eg I have quality players like grade 50 or 51 with special quality.
Also 18 and 19 yrs old of quality 49, 54 etc but w/ no special quality.

The above doesn't qualify to be listed so only friends can approach directly.
I will be offloading them next season. If anybody approach with 2 or more tokens (+ Base tokens for Organiser), I will release them.


On the same principle I am looking to approach friends on Lvl 9 to 11 (I am in L8). Unfortunately I only have friends of the same level or lower. I am sure they have got fringe players on the verge of unloading that will be good for me next season.

This is how Negotiations should work.