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Thread: Argument with nordeus the problem?

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    Argument with nordeus the problem?

    I’ve had a season long argument with nordeus about problems with the game not working properly and nordeus saying its not there problem ,and all season long I’ve been having strange results the latest being today when both teams had same formation but I had people watching my team compared to no one for them l was the stronger team and when the game finished every single player on my team rated higher than their team but I lost 2-0 not the first time it has happened this season,Assistant Manager says just not our day but it seems odd is it happening to anyone else or is it just one of those seasons?

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    when both teams had same formation
    An old tip I was giving , never use the same formation with oppo if you have a better team.
    It's more possible the game to go for a roll dice (which doesn't favors your team).
    But I don't know lately with formations ...
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