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Thread: New to the forum, Another troll result post.

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    New to the forum, Another troll result post.

    This result is super confusing to me, Hi, I'm new and I just started playing this game in April with my first full season falling in May. I'm L5 and I just had a CL match in the semi-final. My team is rated 95.4% and the other team is 87.4% which I know is still competitive so I prepared. My team stamina was at 99% for all starting 11 players and the morale throughout ranged from very good to superb. I end up losing 1-2 (i was home) while I had a 5% possession bonus and watching the match. I'm not too upset about the result, I feel like I can overturn the round in the 2nd leg and make it to the final, but the after match report claimed that they were the match favorites. How? I'm highly rated, fully fit, at home, fully trained, with high morale among the starters. Anyone want to help explain? I also detailed the match if anyone is interested below. Thanks.

    My Tactics: Hard Attacking, Mixed Passing, Mixed Pass Focus (I like to give them freedom they tend to use it well this is only my 3rd loss of the season), Hard Defense, Hard Tackling, Force Counter Attacks are on

    Formation: 2-3-1-3-1, very compact to force pressure without the worry of counter attackers.

    The match is started and the first half is competitive even though I'm injecting an attack bonus continuously- I assume he was too as he was also watching the match. 2nd half competitive but the other team goes ahead from a corner set-piece which is fine that's how I usually concede, rarely from open play. Another set-piece, free-kick opportunity sees them score again which made me frustrated as my goalkeeper, no matter how expensive or highly rated can't seem to handle any free-kick whether its from a specialist or not (their taker was not a specialist btw). So now its 0-2 and I'm panicking as its like 74' and I can't go into the 2nd leg with a 0-2 deficit to make up for. Luckily, my midfielders get it together and work it around for a nice goal on the net so it ends 1-2 but that was at the 86'. My players all ended the match with a 65% or higher condition so I believe they should have been able to score earlier or at least shut the team down defensively.
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    its not a troll result post.

    the problem is, WIN OR LOSS is very random in TE, or no Top Eleven Dev will read it.
    i hope TE gets more realistic one day

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    Buddy... Never go for hard attacking... Just do normal or attacking... U weaken ur defense...