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Thread: Contract Renewal Strategies

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    Contract Renewal Strategies

    Hi All,

    Im starting my second season and realized that all my players are in their year 2 contract and can be renewed.
    I know that the renewal wage and one time bonus will increase as the season goes if not signed right away.

    My question is, is it just best to renew players when first eligible, meaning your renewing the same players every year?
    Or is there a strategy that people follow?

    Appreciate the advice and if this has been covered already, just point me to the appropriate thread.


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    Every time a player's contract has to be renewed, there will be an asking bonus, and the wage will probably increase. You will probably pay more if you renew a player's contract every year rather than only in the final year of the contract or just after expiry. Also, it is probably better to renew the contract on the first few days of the season if you are sure you intend to keep the player for at least the current season and a good part of next season.
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    i always renew players first day of the nwq season only if they are in my plans for the next season.

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    You have 7 days from the new season, to renew the contracts.
    So if you are not from North or South America, wait the new season.
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