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    Lvl 3 or 4 not sure its that level where you have to face olympiakos at the end.
    I lost 1 round earlier against an opponent +8 stronger than me so now im looking to give 15 tkns away just to smash one opponent and olympiacos i think its worth it and more than just a challenge because i mostly faced superior opponents although im lvl 1 and still beat them.

    Most likely i will play a bit stronger opponent than me and of course i ll hope to play olympiacos next so my question now is. I should rather set a defensive team with counter mentality and should surely play that event mode with full fitness and at least good motivation/moral.

    This is my team, as im not that experienced yet but really looking forward to get that level 7 player i require your help. How would you set this team up/konoplyanka is by far my best player this season with rakitskiy.

    Thank you for your help

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    For every team, opponents have different formations (at least it was like that in previous contests).
    Put your best players and formation and play the ball !
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