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Thread: League cheaters or not

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    League cheaters or not

    Ok so in my league their are two teams at the top one is 152 percent the other 145 odd
    Both in same assoc
    Both 20 percent more than the rest of us
    However this is partly due to the fact top eleven didn’t level up our whole league and we stayed level 61 strange......

    This isn’t my moan
    When I play them they have loads of support and also they support all my games opponents , really is that needed
    Now they have gone to a different level
    Team played angst one of them yesterday and fielded all his reserves , then played me and fielded his best side

    I am Forth at the moment by the way........

    Look if you really need to cheat to win that bad and you can’t win when you are twenty percent better anyway ......

    Hope you are happy with your league title well played , well done you know who you are.......

    How about next season you can have a thirty percent lead and don’t cheat you never know you might still win

    Rant over
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    Sorry to say but at the top of the server, game is over.
    Play for whatever comes
    Hopping that some day they will merge some servers.
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    r22 just as Nik said, you probably got at the highest level on your server and now you can only wait until you level up but this might take a while, you will probably promote one level every couple of seasons from now on.
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