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Thread: That ol' good oldie

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    That ol' good oldie

    This has probably been posted a gazillion times before, but I'm new to the forum so bear with me..

    The season before last I couldn't get a decent FT as a MR/AMR, so I took advice on some useful posts from here and bought an oldie: 26yrs, AMR with SPEC as false forward, little to non existent defense stats, awesome attacking stats (most stats were near 200%) and with extraordinary speed and resistance (also near 200%).

    He has been nothing short of extraordinary for my team. Winning in the three league categories (goals, value and assists) for the last 2 seasons and it's on it's way to win the three for the third time. He has like 95 goals in 70 marches..

    And he is competing against much better players thanks him (he is around 70% and competing against 100%, 110% and 120%) but they can't still catch him.

    Last week I needed 3 goals to advance on the Champions, and I was playing against an 89 value team (13th level) when mine is around 79-80 (12th level). He scored those 3 goals by himself. So I'm making this post to honor him and inviting you to share your oldie story here..That ol' good ol' good ol' good
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