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Thread: South Americans

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    South Americans

    On a server that's made up of Europeans which makes sense since I'm based in Europe myself. However there's one guy based in Honduras that's been in my league two seasons in a row now, and he reschedules all his home games for 1am in the morning which means anyone with a life can't attend the match. Is it normal for someone on such a different time zone to be in a league?

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    Yes. While certain regions tend make up the majority of players on a server, their are always a few that end up on a server that doesn't have a large volume of players from their own region.

    Plus, managers that don't login for months have their account suspended. But if they return to game they keep their level but randomly get added to a server with an open spot. Often it's a different server than the one they previously were on.

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    @mac is right.
    and if that manager from a different region makes 1-2 friends from that League, may continue playing with them.
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    The guy from South America must have many many tokens to spent on things like that