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Thread: I keep losing in King Of The Hill !!!

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    I keep losing in King Of The Hill !!!

    Hello everyone
    Could anyone HELP me!!! I can't win in King of the Hill even against weaker opponents, I keep losing and can't even score more than 1 goal every match, this doesn't make any sense, in this season competition I won with 5 and 6 goals against opponents stronger than me but in the Event I can't do anything!!
    Does anyone have the same problem??
    (please excuse any mistakes, my English isn't perfect)

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    Try starting with a normal attacking tactic, short passing, I go through the middle for king of the hill only. Then defensively, go hard, if things are going bad, set man to man.
    If you concede a goal with all this, change to attacking, leave force counter on and offside trap too
    Then tell your team to attack. Hope it helps, but its really hard for me, and I think the recent update has a lot of glitch which affect gameplay and makes you lose.