Hi Managers,

With the release of Top Eleven version 7.8 we will stop supporting iOS versions below iOS 9.

This is a difficult but necessary step required to improve gameplay, stability and to add new features, all of which are not supported by older iOS software.

The minimum iOS version that we are going to support going forward is iOS 9.

For Managers with iOS versions lower than 9 - PLEASE READ BELOW

Managers who have iOS versions lower than 9 will be able continue playing Top Eleven with the current version they have installed indefinitely. However, you will not be able to update to 7.8 or beyond.

Another aspect of this needed change is that Managers playing with below the minimum requirement will unfortunately no longer see the National Team section of the navigation or the Top Eleven Album feature.

We will communicate to the affected Managers when we stop supporting these devices for good so everyone has a chance to safeguard their clubs in a timely manner.

In order to preserve your club and continue playing Top Eleven regardless of your iOS version, please see the notes below:

If you are "Playing as Guest": All Managers playing on devices with lower iOS versions than 9 using the "Play as Guest" option should urgently connect their teams to Facebook or Game Center in order to continue playing with their clubs on any other mobile device or through the browser version of the game. Please remember that connecting your team to Facebook will grant you some extra tokens for free and will assure that you can play with your squad on any supported platform.

If you are playing through Facebook or Game Center: Managers using devices with lower OS version than 9 and who already have their teams connected to Facebook or Game Center are safe but they need to use a mobile device matching the minimum requirement in order to see future updates, or they can continue on the browser version of the game.

Please remember that in all cases, only clubs connected to a Facebook account are able to be accessed on web-browsers.

You can always reach out Top Eleven Support for further questions.

Thanks for your understanding.