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Thread: Does quality really matter??

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    Does quality really matter??

    Hi guys,

    I think quality of a player does not partly matter for the team afford.....

    I mean my MR was suspended because of red card.

    So I put my DR/MR (2 position player) on MR and my very old 29 year old 49% quality (compare to the combination player less than 50%)!!

    And I played against a stronger team by 10-15%.... and make a draw...

    But now I saw that my defense GK - DL- DC - DR had much better grades all 7 or 8...

    So I played this old DR again for 2 matches in a row... and still good grades continue...

    Before my GK or DC or DL always had low grades....

    So my point is think Nordeus made also a combination of some players perform better than some better players but less perform as a team...

    Like in real life 11 Messi's don't make a great team... A team who fightst for eachother are more important than (even average quality) 11 superstars...

    What you guys think of this??

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    You cannot have conclusions from only one game .