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Thread: Players doesnt get training...

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    Players doesnt get training...

    Granted I’m new to this game. I have however read up on training etc. I bought new players age 18-20 and wanted to train them. It went well for a few days but now for the Fifth day in a row my attacking players get none.
    One of them gets a skill + once in a while, but that’s it.
    Can someone perhaps enlighten me and/or help me out.

    I’m sry if this is the wrong forum.


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    Try some all round training and defensive skills for attacking players, sometimes I mix it up which seems to do the trick. plus if you single out a player to train 1 in 4 training sessions they tend to not acquire anything....I know it's maddening.
    "They're friggin 18 for crying out loud I got players who are 24 who do more training!"

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    It will depend how high you already have the skills you are trying to train. Screenshot would be helpful.
    As @Blast said, try training grey skills. Once a player has 140% on a skill it becomes harder to push higher.
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    As the other two have mentioned, train the gray skills. I've noticed that white skills will plateau intermittently until you bump up the grey skills.