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Thread: Another weird incident

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    Another weird incident

    Was watching my match today. Around the middle of first half, the screen appeared to freeze. I thought connection was lost. So I exited the match and went out to the main menu of the game. I was leading 1-0. Connection appeared fine.

    Then went back in and saw that I was 3-0 up on the scoreboard. But, in the highlights screen, there was only 1 goal recorded (to me). Then another thing happened. The time marker on the comments screen restarted at 1 min. It carried on even after half time. But the game clock at the top was running as normal. The comments kept flowing but when it become 7 or 8 mins, it reset back to 1 min. And then it repeated until game clock signalled end of game.

    Went on to win but the 2 phantom goals were not recorded. Final score recorded in the league was without the 2 phantom goals. Happy it did not screw up the true result but it seems things are not working right.

    Anyone else had this experience?

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    It has happened to me once a long time ago. But fortunately when it happened to me I won 2-0 before and after the crash meaning the game was resimmed and the score stayed the same just with 2 different goal scorers.

    But last night and this morning players are reporting server crashes that are causing games to be simulated again and that causes the result to change.
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