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Thread: the engine sucks

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    the engine sucks

    Alright this is the most "weird" season for me (maybe others as well), for example, not just once but twice , three times, my team was the better team for the fixtures but after i losing the game the assistant manager said "they were the favorite for the fixture" or "their defence stronger than us", even against bottom table team, what was that ? the game favoring lower rate team now ? so for what training ? buying and winning 7* players ? and with no manager attend the match, with my side full of support (15%), still ? this is tactical game not "i hope the game decide me as a winner for the next fixture"

    so please, dev, fix your game engine, it become worst and worst day by day, revealing by itself. i dont have problem losing the match, but come on ?
    Please respect active manager, they clicking your ads, spending time and data not just for a "huh, what was that all about?". up your game quality, than throwing new event per 2 week.
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    ? this is tactical game not ?
    no, TE was always a managerial game mostly.
    Gathering sources and players, prepare the team, prepare the draws and opponents and then sit down and watch hopping for a "not bad" luck.
    That's 90% of the game.
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    I just experienced this in the cup final. It was almost as if the game is doing the opposite of what is expected - the weaker team were "favourites", the attacking team concedes, the defnding team has more shots in the last 5 minutes.

    All the management and preparation counts for nothing if the match itself is just down to luck - a roll of a dice or random number generator.
    All one can do is try to stack the odds in one's favour - but how can your opponent then be favourite?

    Just nonsense.
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    I thought I was soooo clever. I intentionally tanked a league match ahead of my Cup final, just as a precaution against a troll result. Alas, TE didn't care, and I was defeated in the cup final against a weaker team (3-2), despite dominating possession and having more shots on goal (22-8). Them the way the dice rolls...

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    They really screw with your mind in cup and champions league.

    For example, I won the previous leg 3-0. Then in the second leg, when we score to go 1-0 up, the assistant is saying "we're still behind on aggregate".

    No, we're up 4-0. But I guess it's reading that the home team scored 3 last game, and the away team (which is the SAME team since it flips) has scored 1 this game.

    Thankfully it doesn't actually impact the actual winner of the aggregate, but these guys are giving me terrible advice in the match! I'm not going to go all out to attack when I'm up by 4 (it thinks I'm down by 2)! lol
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