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Thread: Increase in Stars or Levelling up

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    Increase in Stars or Levelling up

    Hello Guys,

    I am wondering how to determine if a player will move up a level or gain a Star. Someone had mentioned it is determined by skills and increments of 5 but I did not fully understand.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Players are rated by Quality and Stars

    Quality level is absolute, but stars depend on your manager level e.g. Q20 is 5* if you are a Level 1 manager and 4* if you're Level 2, Q25 is 6* at Level 1 and 5* at Level 2

    Your player has to go up 5 quality levels to reach the next star, which they will lose when you are promoted (but their quality is the same)

    Hopefully that's easy to follow so far

    Now, to go up a quality point your player needs 15 skill points earned through training or matches. That means to gain an extra star your player needs 75 skill points

    Players are rated in three categories and the average of those three categories gives you their quality level e.g a player is rated 18 for defence, 22 for attack and 20 for physical. 18+22+20 = 60, 60/3 = quality level of 20

    15 skill points added to that player might give him attributes like this: defence 19, attack 23.2, physical 20.8. 19+23.2+20.8 = 63, 63/3 = Q21

    Using this knowledge to buy players who are close to the next level on the transfer market and/or pick which players to train up can help you improve your team quickly
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    Good info there bud! ^^^^^^^

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    why is my player quality stuck at 79%?
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