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Thread: national team players

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    national team players

    anyone else happy about loosing half national team players due retirement of players that dont aged? i lose 9 players, 5 of them from defense line, now i dont have enough def for start lineup and not even subs for midfield players, leaving me virtualy defensles and ruined half year of work, all i can do is get weak players in album matches and weakening team to fill places of players taken, and this game become first game where months regular play makes your team weaker every week instead stronger :-(

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    I am losing 13. These people are either incompetent or just thieves... Maybe both actually!

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    I’m FURIOUS! A complete ripoff of players that allegedly retire (they left all my 30+ year olds and retired 25-23 year olds... ya, right... that’s natural retirement)

    Further they replace players that are 1/10th as strong as the ones you lose? Wtf?! Name one national team anywhere that replaces retired players with players that are 1/10th as good as the retirees? To make a national team you have to be a star! One of the best of your country... does a 12% player (replacing a 122% player I may add) sound good enough to be on a national squad???

    And ZERO response from Top Eleven other than to say “your players retired”...

    This is a flat out cash grab... nothing more. It needs to be addressed!