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Thread: Has the system changed yet?

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    Has the system changed yet?

    Hi there,

    I quit Top Eleven for the third time a while ago, probably around a year. The reason I quit was because I was fed up with having to play almost exclusively against higher level teams (stronger than mine) in the Cup and Champions League just because my team's quality at the start of the season was over 100%. Meanwhile, my RL friend, whose team would start the season at 80-85%, would play against lower level teams (weaker than his). In other words, it was easier for him to win trophies with a crappy team than it was for me with a decent one. How crazy was that?

    The thing is, I sometimes miss Top Eleven. I would actually like to come back, but not until this stupid system has changed. I complained many times to Nordeus' technical support and they would just tell me the point of the system was to make things competitive and fun for everyone. Well, I don't think they were doing a very good job in that aspect, since being repeatedly knocked out by higher level teams wasn't much fun for me.

    In conclusion, I would just like to know whether they have changed the system yet. If they have, I will be back playing today. If not, then see you again in a year, I guess.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Hey, it's gotten worse. I mean you can still win and such but it's not like the old days where you had a good team and tactics and that was good enough. Sometimes a team that's 30% less than you will draw or beat you and all your assistant manager will have to say about it is "Tough Day."
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