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Thread: Nothing changed but team performs very bad all of a sudden

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    Nothing changed but team performs very bad all of a sudden

    Right, i got a problem but i'm not sure how to explain it.

    The season started with great results! The new signings were good and everthing seemed fantastic.

    Until a 0-0 vs a higher opponent. No harm done, but i was lucky. Having a lot less chances.

    But from then on till now, my games were mediocre. Winning 2-0 vs abandonned teams. But always having trouble against teams who are close to me.

    We're now in the final stages of all competitions. I'm still in all three of em but lost the leagues first place after loosing points vs the 6th and 4th. Still have to play vs the other champion candidates. I play cup final an cl semi finals soon.

    I don't know how to deal with this anymore. Whatever formation or tactic i use, i can't seem to outplay anyone anymore.

    Is there anyone who has had a simular situation? How do i break this negatif spiral? I'd like to end this season with sucesses but at the moment i fear i will lose everthing.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Me I have same problem, after the last tournament finish , I lose almost every time, against wick opponent

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    Set higher win bonus, fill up the morale, substitute some players which don't perform good recently and try to focus your play where are your well-performing players. If you cannot score a lot of goals, set up some trainings for your STs, etc
    There are plenty of things you can get on winning streak, good luck
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    It would be better if you told us your tactics. What's your pass focus? Pass style? Formation? Team Mentality? I have had these spells myself but very briefly. What I do to turn games around that aren't going my way is to watch the live ratings of my players and my opponents' players. See where I am doing bad and where they are doing well. I also study their formation for weak points and their players' ratings for poor players. I focus my pass formation around the area where their players are performing poorly and that usually helps turn games or results around. Don't be afraid to be unorthodox as well, if you are losing and its the 55' minute sub a striker in for a winger or an AMC, they may be out of formation (mine aren't as I have all multi-pos players in my squad just personal choice), but they may also get that last gasp goal you need to get a point or all 3 points out of a fixture.
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    You not focus on aggression. I just say your attacker below 10% on aggression.