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Thread: Association game not played

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    Association game not played

    The last game of the other semi final for my association was not played today. See these screenshots:

    Association game not played-b02ee04d-e2df-4153-a6ca-2517b0e69322.jpg
    Association game not played-bbe8b2ef-83dd-485f-896e-5dc74b35357c.jpg

    There is no draw for the finals yet. The only games for tomorrow in Fixtures are league and cup games.

    Does anybody know what will happen now? Will there be a final draw for tomorrow? I would like to know soon, because one of the assocs plays their home games at 5 AM. If I need to prepare for those games, I need to know that on time.

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    You need to wait till the server restart during the night

    after that you have the final (tomorrow)