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Thread: hard attacking only for one game ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dv8r View Post
    Hard attacking drains more energy and isn't the best.. Trust me, I have tested against teams with hard attacking and it only makes you more vulnerable for the counter attack.
    This one.

    Go normal if away, attacking if home.

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    How did it go? Did you choose hard attacking, and did you win? From my personal experiance, just my feeling, no hard facts, but I think my team scores more goals if I do not watch the game. Coupled with hard attack and not watching I just won a training match with 9-0. Never had results like that when attending a game. So I am curious what other managers experiance.

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    Hey my friend, check the dates of the posts ! All those members are "dead" now (except one)
    but yes, they are right (even the drunk one).
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Hi, I usually start using normal or attacking if I have to win,then I switch to hard attacking for the second half,expecially if situation is not better or I have to score many goals.

    Hard attacking makes your team highly vulnerable to counterattack and dries the energy faster,so you risk to loose the control of the match in the topic moment.

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