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Thread: Free kicks , friend or foe ?

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    Free kicks , friend or foe ?

    2 association games today , against a team 15 % better than me , 2 free kicks in 2 games , 2 1-0 defeats , thats 9 goals conceded from the last 9 free kicks I have had against me , and I've yet to score from one , I'm losing games by one goal a lot is there something I can do to stop it ?

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    Not really, a team's best scorer is usually very good at FK. Probably more than 50% of the goals of my team legend have been free kicks. You can have a defender with defensive wall SA but at the end there is not much difference.

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    i tend to ignore free kick SA now and instead pick my player with highest rated shooting skill, too often you get a defender given free kick SA and when you look at his skills it says he cant shoot for toffeee or it isnt even a key skill, not sure there's actually a sure logic tho. i weakened my team against an easy cup oppo at the start of the season and the game picked my keeper to take free kicks coz my set player wasnt playing, he scored from 2 of them and got an assist(i assume from one of them free kicks from out wide), so maybe your keeper taking corners and free kicks is the way forward, lol. talking of corners, i set my best crosser over any of my multiple corner specialists, and seem to score from at least as many. for defending them, a defensive wall SA may help but then a good quality defence might do well enough without a player having that SA anyway