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Thread: Grounds, Training, Gameplay, Money

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    Club Ground and Gameplay

    Can this game please make an update that fixes the STADIUM GROUNDS. What is the point of it if I can't upgrade it anymore????? I never got the opportunity to finish upgrade because the game all of a sudden stopped allowing it to happen. I've been playing for 4 years and I still don't get this. It used to give you the impression that it meant something. What's the point of having 4.6 billion dollars if you can't buy tokens, rests, morale or even upgrade your ground?? The more I play the more I feel like the gameplay gets worse. I loved this game, played it all the time but the limitation of growth is just discouraging. The game takes away more than it gives. Stop reducing percentages by 20% when you can't even naturally train a team to achieve the opposite. I maxed out the training drills and still find it difficult to get bonus let alone grow my players. The cosmetic changes aren't helpful at all while important aspects of gameplay stay regressive!
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