2 days ago I tried to buy a player on negotiations , I lost nothing new in that but the sliding box in the corner that has information on who bought the player told me he was immediately back on sale so I bid again , the info box returned then several times telling me the player had been sold to several people including my self ! Believe me this is not true in my case . The problem is I don’t think my tokens were returned so I contacted nordeus asking them if they had been returned with exact time name of player my bid price and position of player , the next time I came on game the player was sold according to the sliding box another six times again myself included again contacting nordeus with time .I have received my reply today we are sorry for this highly surprising occurrence ,we are having difficulty checking this occurrence WE NEED A PHOTO for evidence Point 1 who photos everything ? Point 2 if you have all the details and your a help desk for the game how can you not check without the answer to every complaint WE NEED A PHOTO !