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Thread: Sudden losing streak every season

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    Sudden losing streak every season


    Every season I seem to have a period for between 4-7 days straight where I can't win a single game.

    A couple of seasons ago I won the first 13 and drew 1 out of 14 games, with 40-2 goal difference and had the bottom 4 of the league next.
    Their squad were between 40-80%, while mine was 107% and lost all 4 of them by at least 3 goals difference and won nearly every other game easily again after.

    This season I've won 7 and drew 1 out of 8 and played 4 games against clubs who were between 7th and 12th in the league. Lost 1 and drew 3.

    This happens literally every season in the 2nd or 3rd week and I've tried changing formations and players before and while it happened and nothing seems to work...

    I always keep my training bonus up to at least 8% and my morale always in green.

    Does anyone else have this and is there a way to prevent this?

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    welcome to the strange goings on, of this games engine, had similar results last season about same time couldn't win attackers couldn't score tried everything training etc etc.i did notice when i first played this game around game 7 or 8 didn't matter who you played if i where topping league i'd always draw or loose game,if i was unbeaten in league till about game 17 again same thing happened i've gone once unbeaten in league till game 25 then got beaten in last match and lost chance of going whole season in league unbeaten,