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  • Yes, thta way is better

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  • Yes, but maybe 10% instead

    2 16.67%
  • Yes, but it should be 5%

    1 8.33%
  • No, I really love my bunch and would love to create history

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Thread: Highlights and stars

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    Highlights and stars

    It'd be great if we got a chance to see the goals or highlights of the games we couldn't attend. At least we'd know what to work on with our team. And with the new update putting negotiations on the last week, maybe players could lose less than 20%. I mean it's a club, so we'd like to make history with the players we have. I for sure love the bunch I got right now, their zeal and desire to move through. But as it goes I have to sell them next season and incorporate new players. Please fix the losing stars 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    Yes. This makes a balance. Imagine lvl 1 to defeat a lvl 70...
    Simply not fair.

    Edit : I mean I vote yes that is how suppose to be.
    If our players don't lose stars, the efforts to win smth will be gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iptables View Post
    Yes. This makes a balance. Imagine lvl 1 to defeat a lvl 70...
    Simply not fair.
    The fact is that, except with associations tournaments where only stars count, a lvl1 will never play against a lvl 70, who is not maybe stronger, but is just older in game.
    I think that top eleven is a good game, and loosing a star is the only way to balance the system of player's levels. Is the system of player's level good? The answer is definitly no. But it's not easy to change this. I'm level 9, I'm not bad at all at my level on my server, I'm in the top 10 teams of my level of my server. But that's true that it would be a challenge to be in the top teams of the server or of all servers. But except in association tournament, there is no way to see this kind of challenge...

    So the problem is not the lost star at the end of season, but clearly the system of player's level.