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Thread: New players!!!

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    New players!!!

    Hy, today i sign few new player but i don't have space in team, because i must sell old players next season which start in 4 days. New players waiting to sign a contract. Point is, will i still have them next season.

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    You have 7 days to sign new players, so they should still be there next season.

    Why don't you sell your players now, you will get more for them now before they get a year older next season.
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    yes, they will still in ur team for 7 days (after the day u get him) even u get him 1 day before season ends,
    just try sell some and sign that player before 7 days

    but my suggestion dont buy players at the end of season, bcoz next season they ll loose 1 star,
    buy player in the new start of season and u can get 5 stars player with 1 point more become 6 stars player..