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Thread: Better token share

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    Question Better token share

    I was looking to sign a couple of new players for the new season on auction as negotiations are cancelled , the players who would improve my team were up to 30 + tokens inside the first minute , no chance of me buying those don't have the tokens to buy too many players at that sort of price and rather than the tokens going to the selling club nordeus takes the lions share ! So people are quitting because of the loss of negotiations a point I approve of but I've tokens left so I'll play till there gone . Nordeus with the people who have left and who can't buy on auction because they don't have the tokens your going to sell less players , getting you less tokens meaning your going to have to fiddle your system to get you more tokens back meaning more people leave and less people can buy players in a ever decreasing circle till the end of the game . Instead why don't you take a set amount of tokens when someone sells a player ( between 5-10 ) giving the seller more tokens to reinvest in more players , reversing the cycle . GIVE YOUR PLAYERS A CHANCE !

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    When someone sells a player they aren’t bought by anyone else. They are swallowed up by nordeus. Only Negotiations allowed players to sell to other players.