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Thread: Adding European Officials logos

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    Adding European Officials logos

    I think its time to add official logos (Man Utd, Chelsea, and other famous logos) in this game. This game has been standing for about 9 years and these officials logos should now be added to this game. Nordeus should consider this. Also, there is still unfair match results in this game.
    In fact, there is no balance between managers' efforts and team achievements. I think there is dishonesty between sever and issue errors. Nordeus must fix these problems. Latest version of negotiation system is very very unacceptable and this changing is not the main problem solving to protect players abuse. This is only the proof that Nordeus has such a childish thinking. This leads to be unimpressive upon Nordeus.

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    they can't add official logos unless they buy a permission from the clubs otherwise these clubs would sue nordeus or probably ban the app from google in worst scenario

    unfair results happen but I'd give it a percentage I'd not say it's over than 20% maximum.

    negotiation system is over after its closure for the first 3 weeks and no body is going to waste 10-15 tokens on a 79-80% player unless he was a bad manager with no ambitions , no vision , and a bad club history

    Many managers are leaving top 11 not just because of the closure of negotiations but also because of the new system of tokens reward which would reward only the first 8 in the league ...

    This has + and - .... Within few months , each server would be cleansed from dormant managers, stupid managers , exploiting managers, lazy managers, etc... and make the competitions more and more challenging and exciting ( and consequently increase the complains about unfair results that's the nature of the masses .. )