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Thread: Do the same as me!

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    Do the same as me!

    1. I log in every day
    2. I pay for tokens
    3. I buy new players
    4. I change my play depending on the other team
    5. I train my team
    6. I setup my players
    7. I use subs
    8. I watch the videos
    9. I send out the gifts
    10. I have got 22 people to sign up for this game (And stay)
    11. I watch 90% of my games live (With friends supporting me)

    I now see it is all pointless. Nothing changes what the outcome should be. I seem to have lost close to all my games the past 2+ weeks. I have no idea why.

    I have spent £326.50 on tokens and had lots more to spend on this game over the next seasons. I intended to pay more... Some may see it as bad buying tokens but I enjoyed building the team up and all the extras. Without sounding like I am boasting... Money is not much of an issue for me. I would have spent much more on this game if I did stay (Which I wont)

    So, to all the teams I have played. Thank you! I had some good games and a lot of fun.

    I advise you all to do the same as me (All my business friends (Token buyers) are leaving with me). Find a game you can alter the outcome in through your skill and managing. This is sure not it.

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    hey token buyer..!!
    hats off...!!

    And i will NEVER DO THAT

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    Some pics would be nice ....

    Otherwise it´s just jibber jabber

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    Sucks for you dude - seems like you're looking for a game you can win by throwing money at it, rather than one you win using 'skill and managing' though

    Hey, if money is no problem for you why not buy a PL club. I heard about this guy from Abu Dhabi who bought a football club, spent £1b and then won everything automatically. Oh, hang on a second - I'm hearing now that they failed to win a game in Europe and lost their league title, my mistake

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