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Thread: Team play bonus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der_Ryan_M View Post
    So far the most effective way I have seen is this:

    1) Train the "old" bonuses with your bench like you did before
    2) Train your starting eleven warmup - warmup - skill drill - skill drill - video analysis - video analysis (1x for 4.5% condition loss with a x2 video, or twice without a video for 9% condition loss)
    3) Train your starting eleven warmup - stretch - skill drill - skill drill - video analysis - video analysis 1x without a video for 5.25% condition loss

    All your bonuses will be max and if you use 1 x2 video you only need 9.75% condition of your starters.

    The approach is very good but I prefer a different one although it costs slightly more condition to my first squad (unless I can tweak it some more)

    At the moment I am doing warmup-warmup-stretch-carioca with ladders-skill drill-video analisis with x2 bonus (6% condition loss)
    then warm up-warm up-stretch-skill drill-video analysis-video analysis one time (5.25% condition loss)

    So I spend 11.25% condition (with one video bonus) on first squad, but have maxed condition bonus and individual bonuses

    Then I turn to 4 bench players with def/mid/offensive positions and do the rest of bonuses. I haven't optimized it yet but it's kind of skill dril x3, pass go and shoot, piggy in the middle, video analysis, all 2 times.. This is not really important as these 4 players are bonus workhorses.

    The advantage for me is having to keep only 4 useless players instead of 8. This frees more space in the roster for real reserves and young players I want to give custom training. For me this is worth the 1.5% additional condition loss at the moment, and as I said I am hoping to tweak it more.

    I would be interested to know if anyone has a more effective way (less condition loss) of maxing the condition bonus only, irrespective of what happens to the other bonuses.

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    Had a similar idea: this bonus is BS...
    Had good results in my regular competitions and asso too!

    And... Got new patch still ZERO TPB bonus...aaaaaaaand
    two smooth losses from weaker white teams.... Im beating those teams in asso too (until now?)... and my team was struggling today...

    Anyone experienced the same?
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    The night before I train everyone so they should be near 99% when I wake up.

    I've found doing warm-up video analysis skill drill 7 times gets everyone's TP Bonus (toilet paper bonus, lmao) up to 10 for a loss of approximately 17%, using no videos.

    Then I use reserves to get the Team Bonus up to 10%.

    Today they'll have added two rests before their first game at 2:00PM, so the lowest rested of the first eleven will be on 93% rest.

    Without having to train for the Toilet Paper Bonus they still would all be on 90+% rest by the first game, so today is okay.

    If they'd had to play a Cup game this morning closely followed by a League game they would've been really tired or their Toilet Paper Bonus would've been lower. Not sure which to sacrifice but I'm leaning towards a toilet paper bonus of 8 and fresh legs.
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    My old training way

    Training set : (----Warm up stretch use head Pig in the middle skill drill pass go shoot --) this set cost around 7.5 % condition

    I used to do this set 4 times to my sub players to get 40% bonus

    now new system i realized that to reach full bonus for each player you must do the set I mentioned above as following :

    1 time to teach 4%
    2 times to reach 6% ( one set more from 4% to 6 % for the player )
    4 times to teach 8% ( two sets more from 6% to 8% for the player )
    8 times to reach 10% ( three sets more from 8% to 10 % for the player )

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