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Thread: Youth players being made available. Is there a formula??

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    Youth players being made available. Is there a formula??

    Hi all,
    Like many of you i have played the game for a while now, in season 55
    And i am wondering a few things -

    I have
    4 DC
    1 DC/DL
    3 DM/DC
    1 MR/DR
    1 DR/MR

    Why on earth do i get 2 more DC from my youth system when
    I need more CM ????

    And i had a DR of all things last time i got two new players

    At this level its getting harder to win 18 year old players at auction (or even available )

    And getting two more DC doesnt help

    Is there a formula system uses to generat available youth players?

    I much prefer to use my own youth players but when i only get a 4.5 and a 2 star when i get new ones.....

    Great game overall but wondering if i should start anew..


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    For what I know it's just random which position your youth player will be.

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    My personal observation
    Whenever I purchased- say for e.g. a MC ( 12 to14 tokens)
    The next few batches will be MCs of either 12 or 14 tokens
    It will take a while for it to change
    Same with the recommended players
    It will have the same position players but of different ages, value and tokens pricing