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Thread: Congratulations to all Champions League winners!

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    reposted from Season 42: June 30 - How are you doing?

    Congratulations to all Champions League winners!-cl-win.jpg

    The match started out a great contrast in style as the Gamehendge FC has gone back and forth between the 4-4-2 and the 3-5-2 for much of the season with occasional 4-5-1 V style. But today the opponent who also played 4-4-2 for much of the CL decided to change it up and went with a 3(n)-1-4-2 lineup that found itself out hustled in the mid field. The match started under rough circumstances and Gamehendge gave away an early penalty inside the box. However the Bofteka were unable to capitalize and were stopped point blank by the solid goalie work of Lombard.

    Up until the half it would seesaw back and forth until at 44' Fernandez would make good on his earlier yellow in the defensive zone by roofing a shot to take the 1-0 lead into the locker room.

    The second half would not be favorable to Bofteka who would not find the net for nearly the entire period. At 52' newly acquired Irish Striker Phillip McGill would unleash a rocket into the net to provide the commanding 2-0 lead. However as the match wore on and unable to make anything happen in the mid, frustration seemingly set in at the 71' where Fernandez would take a penalty just inside the box. It went fast around the wall and found the back of the net to seal the game as a winner at 3-0.

    Bofteka played a great game but had trouble clearly dealing with the mid field represented by Gamehendge and the 4-5-2, this was sweet revenge for Gamehendge who were knocked out last season in the semis of the CL by Bofeteka.

    Congrats to those that won CL today! As well as to those who battled and came up just a bit short!

    I also couldn't be happier about the level of fun in both league and CL play this season. Thanks to all those in the league and CL who try their best and are friendly.

    I will most likely win the league after the match tomorrow as I have a 12 point lead at the moment. I did bow out of the Cup as result of it being tough to keep the team in shape to play all those matches without bruning through the tokens.
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    Congrats to those that won CL! Good luck to those who battled and came up just a bit short!
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    for the fifth time in a row.......
    .......we won the Champions League




    Special thanks to Pamela Denise Anderson for having had the idea to wear for the occasion a t-shirt celebrating our 5 wins in the Champions League. Pamela is our image girl in this season victorious

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    (Season 3,12,14,15,17)

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    11 Champions League Titles
    Season 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,14,15,17
    8 Cup Titles
    Season 1,3,9,11,12,14,15,17

    my team showcase, here: TRIPLETE FC (Italian Team)

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    2nd in a row...

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    Congarats to all CL lucky ******
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    Cup Winners Season 5 (Wembley Stadium)
    Champions league Winners season 5 (Float Marina Singapore)(Cup Double)
    Champions league Winners season 4 (Joy at The Nou Camp )(League and CL Double)
    Champions League Finalist season 2 (The Amsterdam Arena Spud Gun/Helmet Cheese Penalty fiasco )

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    Y no cup? Some of us were savagely torn out of the CL but owned the Cup.
    FC Krab

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