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Thread: having problems with low possession...

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    having problems with low possession...

    i watch almost all of my matches...i have been playing T11 for a little over a month and i believe i put a lot of time into making my team better...for the first few weeks i was dominating the time of possession in most of my games, this seems to be a large factor in the outcome of the games. in the last week i have been toying with different formations along with adding new players through the auction to make my club the past 2-3 days i have been receiving only 20% possession and losing to inferior teams...if i am watching a match that is a home game then i am automatically receiving 13% possession or something close to that so how do i finish the match with only 20% and my opponent obviously with the other 80%???? Is this completely random or are the changes i am making to my roster and formations having an effect on this?

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    You are playing an illegal formation, You need a goalkeeper, striker, 3 defenders, one player on the left, one player on the right, and possibly need one of the following ML or MC or MR, not sure if the last one is true mind.
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