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Thread: Advice for an experienced player coming back after years absence

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    I also came back after a year.I started a new team and I'm very good right now. A massive thanks to those guys who helped me and gave me advices especially nik. game is OK right now. 10 minutes is enough to spend about top eleven. You will still have the troll results either you spend 5minutes or 4hours.
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    I came back after 5 years lol, but started again. (As per my forum join date 😂)
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    I was away for about three years from summer 2015 until late summer 2018. I never logged in during those years. I'm not sure, but I think my team had gone up some levels, I had about 500 reds, about 100-200 greens and blues and some tokens, maybe a little less than a hundred. I have no idea, what I had when I stopped playing, but not that much, that's for sure.

    My team had some ok players and one phenomenal striker. That striker went on to win several golden boots and was only stopped by his age (28, when I started). I guess that striker made things easier for me, 'cause I started to win trophies right away.

    So how to rebuild your team for success? Buy only the most valuable players from the market. Forget negotiations and all the other players in the market. Only the most valuable ones. That's because those are the faster trainers. Fast trainers can play for years in your team. I have 28yo attacker that I've had since he was 18 and he is still almost 110% with quite normal training. And with most valuable I mean the players valuation. For example at my level the most expensive players are worth $113M.

    I recommend buying those players somewhere in the mid-season so you don't have to pay so much tokens for them. I paid for that 28yo guy 5T and he has played over 10 seasons for me, so I would say tokens well spent. Then just watch all available ads to collect some greens and use them to power train your fast trainers. Collect blues as litlle as possible and use those ads to 'heal' your players directly so you can power train some more.

    Usually I power train only one player at a time, starting from attackers. With limited tokens I wouldn't even train my defenders and even less the goalie. Train your attackers to 110-120% average quality. Then do the same for your midfield. It's a long process and it will take several seasons, but at some point you will achieve a team where your starting XI has avq 120-130% at the end of the season. And it is possible without paying a dime.

    There is a down side though. The better your team becomes the better opponents you will face. Let's say your team avq is 90-100% at the start of a new season. The game gives you cup and champions league of your own level and you can still win decent amount of trophies. Now that you have trained your team so it has avq around 110% (maybe even close to 120%), the game gives you cup and champions league opponents above your level. That's quite unfair, 'cause those guys can buy a team avq 120% straight from the market. Luckily those are in minority (the buyers), but just now in the coming days I will face 145% team in the champions league final that is one level above me. Since my team is 130%, the reality is that that team supposed to be worse than mine. The very same team already knocked me out of the cup. So the prize for the hard work is even harder opponents and not even in a fair way.
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    How do you guys find the auctions now? Better? Worse? or not really remember?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gogs67 View Post
    How do you guys find the auctions now? Better? Worse? or not really remember?
    Auctions are a disaster, you wait till tomorrow...80 rated players aged 18 19 will be going for 15 to 20 tokens...anybody in the 90's will be 25 plus...

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