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Thread: Predict the result

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    Predict the result

    I have watched a semifinal cup of other teams and at at ten minutes I was able to predict who will win. The loser manager was present, he dominates but the puntuation of his players was on 6 except the GK, who have 7. The winner manager, not present, his players were on 7 and a ST and DC with 8 and 9. And only 10 minutes played and 0-0, that is the point. Final result 0-4 obviously for absent manager. So, if your players are on 6 and ther other team grows players puntuation, it doesn t matter if you dominates or what you do, you are going to lose. Just a teory and maybe nothing new for other managers, I just begin to watching the stats and not the game.

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    yep if you check the oppo GK stats you can predict in the first 10 mins of animation time the result especially if oppo manger not present

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    That's easy to disprove.
    Start a game against a lower level team with all your players out of position and your 3 best players off the pitch.
    After 10 mins your player ratings will go down.
    Now bring on your 3 subs and move everyone back into the correct position, you will see the game change back into your favour.
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