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Thread: Ai not making it easy(scripted)

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    Ai not making it easy(scripted)

    Once again as the league nears its climax results start to go all over the place,topping league 15 game unbeaten run including CUP final CL semi all good,then last nights game boom lost 1-3 rivals all won marvelous, team who are now top played side last night won 5-0 good for them i have no probs, but AI in its wisdom creates problem for me and perhaps team who challenging me, the side who lost 5-0 only has 14 players but during the 5-0 loss they had player sent off and player injured thus mean they have only 12 players for next match which is not enough, so unless that manager signs anyone i will get walk over 3-0 win good for me perhaps as today's early results mean i will go back to top.
    Now this may all seem good for me,tomorrow game though is me against 2nd basically this will be a shoot out for league so that walk over win is both positive and negative result for both teams simply because of todays early results scripted or not ?????

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    Good luck! Scripted to keep things close and exciting