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Thread: How Long Between Games ?

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    Question How Long Between Games ?

    By the time it gets to 9am (gmt) i will have played 3 games in 7hrs 54 mins , the first 2 games within 2 hrs 28 mins of each other , how am i meant to keep players fit to play ? also for some unknown reason the games took place between 1am and 4am in the morning when I was asleep what happened to being on a server which fitted your time zone ? I've won one and lost one so far which isn't two bad but looking at the fixtures with a fully fit team I would have been hoping for two wins ,but after these games I then have no fixtures for over 24 hrs it's all a bit odd can all teams not just get equal chance ?

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    There is supposed to be a minimum of 3 hours between each competitive fixture, but that doesn't necessarily hold if the daily update (@01:30 GMT) occurs between fixtures.

    In my long history of playing the game, the fixture-setter had a tendency to favour the far-eastern teams with respect to setting times for their home fixtures, and I have commented on this several times to Nordeus support, obviously without any effect.

    In this situation I have tended to set the team up the previous evening, defensive posture, and gone to bed. More often that not there's been a favourable result.
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    My second team had to play a Super League match today, and 24 minutes later a league match. Most of my players ended with condition 30% - 35%

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