Is it just me or does this happen to everyone? Third match in CL when my player got red card without any reason. This way I lost my 1st place in group. I was in front every time, opponents weren't present. The last match today, in CL playoff I was in front 2-0 against 15% stronger opponent, got red card and lost 3-4. Like how am I supposed to make the quarterfinals? Prepared my team, set my orders, morale and condition at max, full win bonuses. Seems like the game engine doesn't want me to win CL, no matter how I try hard.Red cards-5edfed36-7e7d-4022-99f3-f8df27b098a8.jpgRed cards-f4f565ef-054f-4b37-b64a-85eacaf8a897.jpg